Project Vision

Immutable s vision is to create a Level 2 scalability platform for NFTs on Ethereum, which enables NFTs to be created, exchanged and managed without gas charges, security compromises or loss of ownership.

The project aims to democratize access to NFT and foster innovation in this field. What sets Immutable apart from other scalability projects is its zero-knowledge approach, which guarantees compatibility with Ethereum and the preservation of user rights. Note: 9/10

The team and background

Immutable is run by Robbie Ferguson and James Ferguson, two brothers with a passion for blockchain and video games. They are supported by a team of over 100 people, including experts in development, marketing, design and security.

The team has already created Gods Unchained, a highly successful trading card game based on NFT. The team is transparent about its activities and communicates regularly with the community via social networks, blogs and podcasts. Note: 8/10

White Paper Quality

Immutable's white paper is available on its official website. It presents the technical, economic and strategic aspects of the project in clear detail. It explains how the platform works, the advantages of NFT, use cases, the governance model, tokenomics and the roadmap.

The white paper is well structured, illustrated and referenced. It demonstrates a good understanding of the challenges and opportunities of the NFT market. Note: 8/10

Use Cases And The Product

Immutable offers a platform that enables developers and users to create, exchange and manage NFTs simply, quickly and securely. The platform offers functionalities such as the creation of NFT collections, trading on a decentralized market, portfolio management and participation in NFT-based games and applications.

The platform is already used by popular projects such as Gods Unchained, Guild of Guardians, Illuvium and Superfarm. The product is functional, useful, easy to use and secure. Note: 9/10

Roadmap and Development

Immutable has published its roadmap on its official website, outlining the project's development objectives, milestones and deadlines. The roadmap is realistic, ambitious and on track. The project has already reached several important milestones, such as the launch of the platform, the partnership with OpenSea, the launch of the IMX token and integration with Polygon

The project also tracks development progress on GitHub, where it regularly publishes code, updates and bug reports. Note: 8/10

Community Support and Trust

Immutable enjoys strong community support and trust. The project has over 200,000 users, more than 100,000 followers on Twitter, over 50,000 members on Discord and over 40,000 subscribers on Telegram.

The project is also receiving attention and support from numerous media outlets, investors and partners, including CoinDesk and CoinTelegraph, Coinbase VenturesGalaxy Digital or Animoca Brands. The project has a good reputation and brand image. Note: 9/10

Market Performance and Potential

Immutable has performed remarkably well on the market since its launch. The price of the IMX token peaked at 10.64 on November 9, 2021, an increase of more than 1,000 during the public sale. Daily trading volume exceeded $100 million, and market capitalization reached over $2 billion.

The IMX token ranks among the top 100 cryptocurrencies by market capitalization. The project has huge potential, as it addresses a fast-growing NFT market, which represents over $10 billion in sales by 2021.

The project faces increasing competition, but has a competitive edge thanks to its unique technology and strategic partnerships. However, the project faces regulatory challenges, as NFTs are still in a legal gray area in many countries. Note: 8/10

Project Security and Audit

Immutable attaches great importance to the security and auditing of its project. The project has successfully passed a security audit carried out by Trail of Bits, a recognized independent entity, which examined the project's code, documentation and test suite. The audit report is publicly available and reveals no critical or major vulnerabilities.

The project has not suffered or been exposed to any flaws, bugs, attacks or fraud. The project also uses protection mechanisms such as multisig, timelock or bug bounty to reinforce the security of its protocol. Note: 9/10

Tokenomics and Token Allocation

Immutable has designed a tokenomy and token allocation that is fair, incentive-based, sustainable and aligned with the project's vision. The IMX token is the platform's native token, which serves several purposes, such as fee payment, governance participation, staking, rewards or incentives. The IMX token follows a deflationary model, as it is burned with every transaction on the platform.

The total supply of the IMX token is 2 billion, of which 20% has been allocated to public sale, 16% to private sale, 20% to team and advisors, 20% to partners and ecosystems, 10% to reserves and 14% to community rewards. The IMX token follows a progressive unlocking schedule, spanning several years, to ensure balanced distribution and price stability. Note: 8/10

Vesting and Token Unlock

Here are various resources of choice concerning vesting and token release for the Immutable project:

The Platform and Launch Mechanism

Immutable has chosen the CoinList platform to launch its IMX token to the public. CoinList is a reliable, secure, regulated and transparent platform that enables investors to participate in quality token sales. The launch mechanism for the IMX token was a public sale, which took place from September 8 to 10, 2021.

The sale was a success, attracting over 250,000 participants and raising more than $60 million. The initial price of the IMX token was 0.95 and the maximum amount per participant was 500. The sale complied with KYC and AML rules and excluded residents of certain prohibited countries. Note: 8/10

Overall rating

Using a weighted average of 10 criteria considered important, we calculate a GCI (Global Confidence Index) of 8.4/10 for the Immutable crypto project. This index reflects our personal opinion based on our feelings, personal research and information available on the web and is not financial advice. We suggest you do your own research before investing in any crypto project (DYOR: Do Your Own Research => Faites Vos Propres Recherches). You are responsible for your own decisions.

Where to buy Imx?

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